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4 Steps to a Flawless Makeup Base

I don’t know about you but when I look at the flawless makeup pictures on Instagram I can’t help but be mesmerised by them. Yes I am sure a few of them are filtered or ‘facetune’ applied but in real life these results can be achieved.



No this is not the answer.

Yes makeup can help correct and conceal your skin but if you wake up and put your makeup on your face straight away, I can tell you that no amount of makeup, filters or ‘facetune’ can make your skin have a flawless finish.



Yes. Yes. Yes and yes.

If you do not prepare your skin then how do you expect your makeup to perform to its best?

Look at this picture of an orange.

On the left, it has no primer and on the right it does.

I suppose the pores in the orange are like ours.

flawless makeup base

4 Steps to a Flawless Makeup Base

cleanse flawless base


Step 1: Cleansing Powder from Declaré

It is so important to cleanse your skin. It removes makeup, dead skin cells and any impurities on your skin. You may be thinking but I took off my makeup last night do I really need to cleanse my face again. The answer is YES. You need to remove the dead skin cells and any traces of night cream that remains on your face. See my review here of the Cleansing Powder.


toner flawless base


Step 2: Tonifying Lotion from Declaré

A lot of people think that they should skip this step. I don’t agree. I use rose water sometimes too but this Lotion is amazing. Toner removes any residue from your cleansing powder or lotion. It tones and soothes the skin. As soon as you start using this I promise you will never not use is again.


eye serum flawless makeup base


Step 3: Eye Serum from Declaré

This is a highly effective and lifting eye serum. This means that it instantly adds moisture around your eyes. This helps the appearance of existing lines and dark circles and allows for a flawless finish to your concealer. Added bonus is that you can apply this lightly to the lids of your eyes. No matter how budget friendly or high end your concealer is unless you prepare the skin around your eyes you will not avoid creasing.


serum primer flawless base


Step 4: Multi Lift Serum from Declaré

This is one of my HOLY GRAIL products. See my review here . You can instantly feel your skin getting firmer. Lines and wrinkles are quickly and lastingly reduced. This is my primer. It is amazing. It plumps up the skin and allows your foundation to go on flawless.


What is your pre-makeup routine?


Let me know.


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