6 Steps to The Perfect Beach Tan

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So a few years ago I stopped treating myself to my favourite self tanning lotions as there seemed to be so many budget friendly tans on the market. They work and will continue to work but it wasn’t until Karora sent me their Express Bronzing Mousse to try that I realised why I use to spend so much on self tan.

At first I wasn’t really liking it. It is sticky when you put it on and I didn’t realise that a little goes a long way. So I was REALLY sticky the first time I tried it. I used the Express Bronzing Mousse. The instructions are, after 1 hour wash off for a light tan, wash after 2 hours for a deeper tan or leave on for 3 hours to have a dark tan.

As I applied it completely wrong I washed after 1 hour. It turned out good and I liked the colour it gave. Very natural and no smell whatsoever.


Round 2 – I was a little reluctant to try again but I loved how it turned out the first time so I paid more attention to the application this time.

And it paid off. I used a small amount of mousse on the mitt and applied it slowly making sure that it was rubbed in. It was still a tiny bit sticky but no way near the amount from my first try. I left it on for over 2 hours and I applied it to my face. I know I was getting extremely brave! Look at the results. After the 2 hours I showered and used E45 moisturising lotion.



So here is 5 ways to achieve The Perfect Beach Tan (and best part is, there is no sand involved):

  1. Exfoliate. No need to buy expensive ones – buy epsom salts and add it to your shower gel
  2. Moisturise. And again Moisturise. Got that? Moisturise.
  3. Wax 24 hours prior to applying the Karora mousse. – This also applies to shaving.
  4. Take a shower. Then apply the karora Tanning mousse.
  5. Apply a small amount to the mitt. Remember one pump will do at least 1 arm. Use a makeup brush to apply to your hands and face.
  6. After your shower apply a body lotion. I use E45 moisturising lotion. See step 2.


Lastly, and this is why you need to buy the Karora Express Bronzing Mousse after about 6 days I noticed I needed to apply tan again. But unlike other tans I use I didn’t need to scrub any tan off. It had faded naturally and my skin was ready for a fresh coat.

Available to buy online at Meaghers Pharmacy €29.99 .


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