A Summer Break to be a Mam


My extended break


After 3 months off, I am back. This was my first ever summer off with Isabelle, my 9 year old daughter, since she was born. I kept Facebook and Instagram up but I completely stepped away from blogging to give us time to make memories. I tried as much as I could to put my phone down. Instead of seeing my life through my phone I set it aside and most of the time I forgot to take pictures. It was a much needed digital detox.

Our summer was filled with lazy mornings, playdates, holidays and spending time with my dad, sisters and brother, my nieces and nephews and my sister-in-law and brothers-in-law. From swimming (freezing as it was) in the Atlantic ocean for the first time to laughing so much our tummies hurt jumping through waves in the Mediterranean sea To end of an amazing summer, myself and my husband travelled to Liverpool to celebrate my cousin wedding.

We managed to find the best family hotel in Ireland, well myself and my family all agree.


Me time


Took a trip to Galway with Mary from WeddingsBeautyFashion Blog and Roanna from She’s So Dapper Blog to have an evening with our instagram friend Irene from Gingham and Sparkle. We also got to meet Trish from The Savvy  Blog. What a group of ladies!


And now…

After all my time off I am ready to take my blog to where I always wanted to be. There will be some changes over the next few months. There will be more content and as I am finding my confidence to finally take those all important Outfit of the Day posts (#ootd) I will give you my tips and tricks.

So welcome back and if there is anything that you want to see more of or less of… Just let me know.

In case you didn’t already know, if I am attending an event, I will give you an insight on Instagram stories. Come say hi.



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