Afternoon Tea at The Westbury


For so long I have wanted to have Afternoon Tea and seen as I live in Dublin, heading to the Plaza hotel in New York for a few hours is not likely.

Forget The Plaza, we have The Westbury

New York have The Plaza Hotel but here in Dublin we have The Westbury. It is one of those hotels that screams class and luxury.

Walking into the Lobby you quickly forget that Grafton Street is just outside. The hotel is full of activity and as you walk up the staircase to the WILDE restaurant there is a sense of calm and relaxation.

Myself and Sarah were seating and explained how the menus worked. Prices start from €49 per person and you are entitled to sit for 2 hours.

The Westbury Tea Menu

Tea menu The Westbury


We started with ‘The Westbury Blend’ black tea. For the 2 hours you can try every tea if you wish. With this in mind, the next tea we tried was ‘Irish Whiskey Cream’. No there is no whiskey in the tea it has the aromas of the whiskey and with the first sip we both wondered did the tea contain the alcohol. Again we asked and the server smiled, I’m sure we are not the first or last to ask, but again assured us it is the flavour that we are tasting. This is now my favourite tea. I have been looking to purchase it online and as soon as I find it, I’ll let you know. To finish we decided on a Herbal & Fruit Tea, ‘Granny Garden’. As soon as the server retreated I regretted ordering it as I don’t like rhubarb at all but being in The Westbury I wasn’t about to make a scene. The tea was delicious. The vanilla was not too strong and the flavours released when drinking was amazing.


The Westbury Afternoon Tea Food Menu

westbury tea food menu

The server advised us that we could pick and choose anything we wanted from the menu above.

After Sarah and myself couldn’t decide on anything to be honest, we got 1 of everything for each of us.

So on the bottom plate is the selection of sandwiches.

The middle plate is scones, clotted cream, butter and jam. As we had the festive menu we had a mince pie each.

The Top Plate… The Best Plate… I mean look at it… We had 5 desserts EACH…

Afternoon Tea Food


As I said prices start at €49 per person and you will need to book in advance, click here

Its is such a treat and if you have a birthday coming up or just want to spend some quality time with your girls or the love of your life.

Have you every been to Afternoon Tea?


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