Bellamianta Tan – Lotion vs Mousse

Bellamianta Tan

Bellamianta lotion mousse A few months ago I saw So Sue Me aka Suzanne Jackson wearing Bellamianta tan. It was golden but natural. If Suzanne Jackson looked that good, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and contacted Bellamianta directly for a sample of the Professional Solution Spray Tan. I instantly fell in love. Even though I have all the equipment at home to do my own spray tan I prefer to use self-tan most weeks. I went hunting for their Self Tanning Tinted Lotion and Rapid Mousse.

The Results

Bellamianta Dark Rapid Mousse

bellamianta mousse

I received the mousse and lotion at the same time. I have been using mousse for the past few years so I was always going to try this first. Another reason I choose the mousse first is that it is the Dark solution.

The first time I used the mousse I found it to be a less of a mousse solution than I’ve used before and I applied too much which made my skin feel very sticky. The second time I applied the mousse, I shook the bottle harder and applied less to be skin. It was still a tiny bit sticky and needs to be washed off before heading out. It develops fast and definitely lives up to its name as a Rapid tan. Within 2 hours I was ready for my shower.

The mousse only lasted about 3 to 4 days. No matter what I did differently before or after application on day 4 it was time to reapply.

The best part of the Rapid Mousse is that a last minute night out does not require instant tan. Break out Bellamianta Rapid Mousse and after at least 2 hours you are ready for your night out.


dark tan mousse



Bellamianta Medium Self Tanning Tinted Lotion


As I have been loving the mousse for the first few weeks I didn’t even bother to try the lotion. The main reason for this is the word ‘medium’ tanning lotion. I love when my tan is dark and that’s what the mousse is.

Skip ahead to one Tuesday night a few weeks ago I couldn’t find the mousse. The lotion has been sitting looking at me every time I went to do my tan, which was a weekly, sometimes twice a week application.

The first thing I noticed was a little goes a LONG way.

Instantly I noticed the difference between the lotion and mousse. The lotion was very natural and dried as quick as an instant tan. It wasn’t sticky so I have been able to put it on during the day and wear dark clothes. The best way of applying the Bellamianta Tanning Lotion is at night time with a light layer. The next morning there is no smell left on the bed clothes.

It is more natural tan (see picture below) compared to the mousse and I have been wearing the lotion every day for the past few weeks and when I am going to an event, I applied the mousse on the day for a deeper tan.

e and I have been wearing the lotion every day for the past few weeks and when I am going to an event, I applied the mousse on the day for a deeper tan.

The lotion lasts up to 10 days without having to reapply.

This alone makes me reach for the Bellamianta Lotion.


tan lotion medium


Have you tried Bellamianta Tan Range?

Do you have a favourite yet?

Bellamianta is available from online from Meaghers Pharmacy , Mousse is €23.95 and Lotion is €19.95


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