BeneBrow Perfection with Benefit Brow Bar

Benefit Cosmetics have all the Brow Products you will ever need. From the ‘Goof Proof’ pencil to my favourite ‘Ka-Brow’(See my review). With all these products to create a BeneBrow, did you know that they have ‘Brow Bar’ around the country?

Benefit Cosmetic Brow Bar

At all the Benefit Brow Bars the services offered include Brow Waxing, Tinting and Facial Waxing. Benefit Cosmetics have 2 stand alone stores in Dublin, 17 South William Street, Dublin 2 and Unit 6, The Times Building,Fleet Street, Dublin 2.In these 2 stores they offer more services that include Spray Tanning and Body Waxing. To find your local brow bar click here. Benefit Cosmetics have counters in department stores around Ireland in within the stores they have Brow Bars. For a time that you want it is best that you book in advance and to make it so easy, there is an app for ios and android. When you download the app you can create an account and book services for the time and therapist you want. Easy.


BeneBrow Perfect

My eyebrows are something that I will never and haven’t ever waxed myself. Yes I am a qualified beauty therapist but the thought of messing up my eyebrows is just something I am not prepared to live with! My appointment was at the Benefit Store on South William Street in Dublin with Christina. Having heard really good things about her and as you can see she did not disappoint.


Firstly Christina took all product off my brows. Carefully she brushed my brows and made sure I was happy with the shape that was about to be created.



Christina tinted my brows. The attention to detail when shaping my brows was unlike anything I have experienced before. Christina is a perfectionist and I was more than happy to let her work her magic.


The Results

As you can see above, my skin always goes red after waxing. Not just on my face but any part of my body. Christina reassured me that with Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer can cover the redness as it is safe to use after waxing. Ka-Brow was used to fill in my gaps of years of over plucking. The love for this product is unreal. Always in my handbag.



The cost

Total cost for the Eyebrow Tint, Wax and shape was €28. Christina explained the areas that need to grow on my brows and exactly where to use product for a day time and night time Brow look.


Lasting results

The tint wore off after about 2 weeks but as the shape was perfect I was able to use my products and still create the Perfect BeneBrow.


Have any of you tried it?



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