A Summer Break to be a Mam

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My extended break


After 3 months off, I am back. This was my first ever summer off with Isabelle, my 9 year old daughter, since she was born. I kept Facebook and Instagram up but I completely stepped away from blogging to give us time to make memories. I tried as much as I could to put my phone down. Instead of seeing my life through my phone I set it aside and most of the time I forgot to take pictures. It was a much needed digital detox.

Our summer was filled with lazy mornings, playdates, holidays and spending time with my dad, sisters and brother, my nieces and nephews and my sister-in-law and brothers-in-law. From swimming (freezing as it was) in the Atlantic ocean for the first time to laughing so much our tummies hurt jumping through waves in the Mediterranean sea To end of an amazing summer, myself and my husband travelled to Liverpool to celebrate my cousin wedding.

We managed to find the best family hotel in Ireland, well myself and my family all agree.


Me time


Took a trip to Galway with Mary from WeddingsBeautyFashion Blog and Roanna from She’s So Dapper Blog to have an evening with our instagram friend Irene from Gingham and Sparkle. We also got to meet Trish from The Savvy  Blog. What a group of ladies!


And now…

After all my time off I am ready to take my blog to where I always wanted to be. There will be some changes over the next few months. There will be more content and as I am finding my confidence to finally take those all important Outfit of the Day posts (#ootd) I will give you my tips and tricks.

So welcome back and if there is anything that you want to see more of or less of… Just let me know.

In case you didn’t already know, if I am attending an event, I will give you an insight on Instagram stories. Come say hi.



BeneBrow Perfection with Benefit Brow Bar

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Benefit Cosmetics have all the Brow Products you will ever need. From the ‘Goof Proof’ pencil to my favourite ‘Ka-Brow’(See my review). With all these products to create a BeneBrow, did you know that they have ‘Brow Bar’ around the country?

Benefit Cosmetic Brow Bar

At all the Benefit Brow Bars the services offered include Brow Waxing, Tinting and Facial Waxing. Benefit Cosmetics have 2 stand alone stores in Dublin, 17 South William Street, Dublin 2 and Unit 6, The Times Building,Fleet Street, Dublin 2.In these 2 stores they offer more services that include Spray Tanning and Body Waxing. To find your local brow bar click here. Benefit Cosmetics have counters in department stores around Ireland in within the stores they have Brow Bars. For a time that you want it is best that you book in advance and to make it so easy, there is an app for ios and android. When you download the app you can create an account and book services for the time and therapist you want. Easy.


BeneBrow Perfect

My eyebrows are something that I will never and haven’t ever waxed myself. Yes I am a qualified beauty therapist but the thought of messing up my eyebrows is just something I am not prepared to live with! My appointment was at the Benefit Store on South William Street in Dublin with Christina. Having heard really good things about her and as you can see she did not disappoint.


Firstly Christina took all product off my brows. Carefully she brushed my brows and made sure I was happy with the shape that was about to be created.



Christina tinted my brows. The attention to detail when shaping my brows was unlike anything I have experienced before. Christina is a perfectionist and I was more than happy to let her work her magic.


The Results

As you can see above, my skin always goes red after waxing. Not just on my face but any part of my body. Christina reassured me that with Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer can cover the redness as it is safe to use after waxing. Ka-Brow was used to fill in my gaps of years of over plucking. The love for this product is unreal. Always in my handbag.



The cost

Total cost for the Eyebrow Tint, Wax and shape was €28. Christina explained the areas that need to grow on my brows and exactly where to use product for a day time and night time Brow look.


Lasting results

The tint wore off after about 2 weeks but as the shape was perfect I was able to use my products and still create the Perfect BeneBrow.


Have any of you tried it?



A morning at The Spa in Carton House

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Spa day fun


For any busy lady or man, the idea of a day in a Spa comes with worries of days off or children to be minded. So if you could go somewhere for 2 hours, feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on anything and still make it back for the school run or head after work and still keep all your annual leave in work? I have found heaven just 15 minutes drive from where I live at Carton House.

The Spa at Carton House


Just outside Maynooth, Carton House is one of the most spectacular hotel estates that Ireland has to offer. It has a gated entrance and as soon as you enter through the gates of Carton House you instantly forget that you are only 25 minutes from Dublin City Centre. The drive to the Spa and hotel boosts views of the whole estate. The road takes you through the Golf Course. The views are breathtaking.


Spa at Carton House



On arrival


After checking in at reception, it was straight to the changing rooms. Upon instructions to leave my underwear on under my fluffy Carton House Robe. Quick change and slippers on, time to go to the relaxation room. I can only describe it as heaven. There are 8 loungers with cushions and blankets. I helped myself to some flavoured water and took up one of the empty loungers. After a few minutes my therapist arrived. The treatment rooms are upstairs and immediately the sense of relaxation and tranquility engulf me.


Carton House Spa relaxation sorbet



Treatment Time

The only hard part about this is trying to pick one from the extensive treatment list – See here. After much thought I decided to get a Deep Rebalancing Full Body Massage. Treatment time in total is 55 minutes. The room is warm, comfortable and peaceful.

The massage uses rhythmical techniques to relax the deepest tension in the gentlest way. Darphin’s signature massages use a blend of essential oils to improve circulation, help oxygenate the skin and reveal a healthy glow.



Full Body Massage Carton House Spa




Each month The Spa have special offers. See here  When the treatment is finished, the therapist will show you back to the relaxation room.The therapist will have a complimentary sorbet. *In the picture above a surprise glass of Champagne from my husband for a birthday treat.* With every visit to the Spa, you are entitled to use the leisure facilities that include Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam room.


Highly recommend heading to Carton House Spa for yourself or a gift for a special person.


Cien Tropical Summer at Lidl

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If you only do one thing today…

Go to Lidl

They have just launched a Limited Edition collection called ‘Cien Tropical Summer’. All I can say is I want 5 of everything cause the second it runs out I will be begging for Lidl to bring it back. There are 6 ranges that consist of 34 products.



Body & Hair Removal Range

If you love the Body Shop Body Butter and scrubs but think spending €19 is a bit too much well then look no more because the Body Butter and Exfoliating Scrub is €3.99 each. Yes you read that right. €3.99. I know you are thinking no way is it that good but I can tell you that apart from the softer texture in the jar it is the exact same as the one for 4 times the price. As for the scrub the smell instantly feels like you are on holidays lying at the pool.




Hair removal and firming cream are the one thing that all us women think of coming into the summer. As soon as it starts to get warmer you want to have soft skin and hair free legs! To start, Smoothing Shower Exfoliant then after the shower apply Firming Body Oil. Before bed apply Decollete Cream Gel and Anti-Celluite Body Lotion paying particular attention to my bum and thighs. When it comes to hair removal Lidl have you covered this year. Shaving gel, Shaving Oil, Cold Wax Strips and of course After Shave Balm. I use the Shaving Oil as an after wax lotion and also perfect for applying to your pins after being in the sun all day.






Tanning Range

As you all know I love false tan. I much prefer to perfect my tan indoors and save my skin from early aging and sun damage. With prices starting from €1.99 for the small Self-tanning cream to €2.99 for the spray and mousse. I will have a review up this week for the spray and mousse. So no excuse to have red skin this year.



Face Range

Facial Cleansing Wipes in Dark Berries, Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry. These wipes are €0.69. Yes 69 cent each. Also in the face range is Face Masks in Kiwi, Mango and Pink Grapefruit Fragrance. Again these just take you to your holiday memories. I love how smells can lift your mood and using this range for the past week has helped me escape even if its just for a few minutes.

Cien face wipe face mask



Hand & Nail Range

At the launch of the Cien Tropical Summer range I was treated to a manicure from Kate owner of Nailed It . Kate began with the hand peeling scrub, massaging it into my hands and wrists. After washing it off, Kate massaged Mango Love hand cream into my fingers, hands, wrists and arms. It was heaven. Quick mention for the Dip In Nail Polish remover. It was apply to remove my Vinylux Nail Polish with no effort at all. Vinylux is a week long varnish from the makers of Shellac. Kate then applied Cien Nail Polish and it lasted over a week with no chipping.



Have you seen this range yet?

What is your favourite ?


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