Bryt Skincare Eye and Make Up Remover

Brit skincare Remove Eyes & Make-Up


Hi all,

I have been using Bryt Skincare Remove Eyes & Make-Up for the past few weeks after I was invited to the launch of Bryt Skincare in Ireland.

This make-up remover is a game changer. It is simple to use, doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes and takes less time to use compared to a make-up remove wipe. It removes waterproof mascara and with a few sprays directly onto your face, your makeup is completely gone.


2 easy steps to make-up free:

Step 1: Spray onto a cotton pad. Press onto eye for a few seconds and wipe downwards.


Brit skincare Remove Eyes & Make-Up



Step 2: Spray onto the face. Use a damp muslin cloth and wipe away your makeup.


The Results

Brit skincare Remove Eyes & Make-Up


Bryt Skincare Remove Eyes & Make-Up is available here for €16.95 and it is also in McCabes Pharmacies nationwide.


What do you use to remove your makeup?



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