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Champagne Taste Lemonade Money – Brow Kit from Wet n Wild

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You are all going to love this perfect Brow Kit and the price is under €5!!!

Recently I started to get my eyebrows done using the HD Brows technique. You have to wait 4-6 weeks to go back to get them done again. Before I would go every 2-3 weeks to get my brows waxed. So as you can imagine my brows are growing and I needed something to keep them tidy until my next visit.

I have actually spent €40 in the past 3 weeks on products to help shape and fill in my brows. And I can honestly say that I have wasted that money because yesterday in Dunnes Stores, whilst doing food shopping, I stumbled upon the “Wet n Wild” Cosmetics range. And there for €3.99 was their “Ultimate Brow Kit” . My first thought was really Rita another brow product! But I argued with myself that at €3.99 it was ok if it wasn’t good. And I was SO glad I did. The results are amazing.

 I know the next question is, where do I get one.
Here is a link to find your local stockists , find here.

I can honestly say that this is the best brow product I have ever tried. I am very happy as I was going to give in and go and buy a premium brand at the weekend for about €38.


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  1. Claire Kane
    | Reply

    I loved this kit!

    • Style Your Way
      | Reply

      I can’t believe I have spent so much money on all the products. I will actually post a picture tonight of them all.
      I love it.

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