Champagne Taste Lemonade Money – Lip Scrubs

Hope you all like my new Feature

I love new products. I love expensive stuff but most of the time I just look at them or put the cream on my hand. I think most of us are like that. 

Recently I discovered that Charlotte Tilbury have a Lip Renewing Scrub, €25 from Brown Thomas. It is super expensive and I just don’t know if I could justify spending that much money on it, well if I win the Lotto then YES.

So I made my own. It’s SUPER easy and you will not need to buy anything.

You will need;



Cotton bud

A teaspoon

A toothbrush

Small container for your scrub

Now you just to follow these very easy steps and your lips will be feeling amazing for days. Oh and apply some Vaseline after you rinse the scrub off. Just for some extra softness.

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