One Pot of Wonder


Let me introduce you to this little pot of magic. It is the Clinique ‘take the day off’ cleansing balm €29, (buy here)

I accidently came across this product a few months ago and to be honest it has changed how I treat my skin after a night out, or even just a day in work. We have all been there, wake up the next morning, make up all over the pillow and promising yourself next time you will take your make up off that night. So here is where this product is just amazing. All you need is the balm and water, that’s right, just water.

Step 1: Take about a teaspoon size of the balm onto your palms and rub it in to create a silky oil texture.

balm 1

Step 2: Rub into dry skin. Rub really well on to the eye area and pay particular attention to your lashes, and you will end up looking like you have 2 black eyes. Perfect. (I used the Benefit They’re Real Mascara and eyeliner as they are waterproof) balm 2

Step 3: Now for the easiest part, splash (cold or hot) water on your face. Rub the product in as you put water on your face and this is the result.

balm 3

Results – Make up free face….

And for the purpose of this review I have included a Step 4 (not needed at all); I used some eye make up remover just to see if all the mascara was off.

balm 4

Buy this product today.

No more wipes.

No more special eye make up remover.

This one product does it all.

Rita xxx.

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