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Cocoa brown shampoo by marissa carter

Most days I get complimented on the shine of my hair. For the past few months have been using a new shampoo and conditioner so I thought it was time to share my secret.

I am now on my 5th bottle of Cocoa Brown Shampoo and the reason for the fourth bottle is that not only do I use it but my husband and our daughter are using it too. Only in September, we were buying 3, yes 3, different types of shampoo and about 2 types of conditioner.

In August I attended the Cocoa Brown Kind Blogger Boss Breakfast. At the event, Marissa introduced us to the 200mls size of the Cocoa Brown Shampoo and Conditioner. Since then I have used nothing else on my hair.

Kind Shampoo marissa Carter

Why this Shampoo?

Let me begin by saying that we now only use this shampoo. My husband has dry thick hair. My daughter has oily thick hair and I have oily fine hair. Cocoa Brown have created a shampoo that is ‘Kind’ to everyone’s scalp. It protects my colour, nourishes my husband’s hair and it is kind enough to use on my 8-year-olds hair. When you use the Shampoo you will instantly feel the clean feeling of your hair.

The science bit – The Kind range gives a gentle, fresh wash, ideal for those with sensitive scalp and skin conditions, coloured hair and hair extensions. The primary cleansing agent is derived from natural sources, coconut oil and fruit sugars. The combination of three cleansing agents work synergistically to create a deep cleansing effect that is gentle on the hair, scalp and extensions. The level of fragrance used is so minimal that it doesn’t even technically need to be listed as an ingredient on the tubes! In the interest of transparency, we have of course listed it!


And the Conditioner?

Well to be honest I used it to compliment this Shampoo, but when we were in Dubai in October I applied the conditioner every morning to the ends of my hair to protect it from the pool and heat. It helped my hair to stay in good condition. Again using the Cocoa Brown Kind Conditioner doesn’t give me spots on my scalp or back. Like the Shampoo we are all using the conditioner.


The Results.

Well, they speak for themselves.

marissa carter kind shampoo cocoa brown


It is the most affordable Shampoo and Conditioner I have ever used and it is actually the best I have ever used. It also doesn’t give me spots on my scalp or back and hopefully in 2017 I will get hair extensions by the amazing Hair Stylist SarahEthel and Sarah has assured me that I can continue to use Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo and Conditioner after.


Have you tried it yet?




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