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Cocoa Brown Tan – Summer Glow

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I know I’m not alone when I say that I love having a glow before I step on the plane. That first day of being a frighten white are no more thanks to Cocoa Brown. The night before we left for our 7am flight I applied Cocoa Brown 1 hour ‘Dark’ Tan.



To prepare my skin, I shower about 1 hour before applying. Just before I start apply the tan, I put oil free moisturiser on my knees and my feet, see my favourite here.

I love how the mousse just glides on. This is my tan washed off after 1hour and 20 minutes. I love that you can apply at night time and wash off the next morning as after 3 hours it stops developing.  

Cocoa Brown Tan and the whole range has been invented by Marissa Carter. Marissa is one of the most hard working women I have ever met. Her team behind her leave this imaginary pink sparkle where they go.

If you are yet to try this Irish Brand my advice is, it will change how you have always thought of fake tan. No more orange tones and you get to control how light or dark you want to go.


Rita xxx.
*Cocoa Brown is available in Penneys, Boots and most Pharmacies around Ireland. €7.99 per bottle. Mine usual lasts about 5 full body applications.

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