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Danone Light and Free

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Hi all,


On the last Thursday in

I attended the launch of Danone’s new Light and Free Yogurt. I won tickets through Evoke.ie.

The new yogurt a Greek style yogurt and comes in 5 flavours. Cherry Charmer, Blueberry Burst, Raspberry Razzle, Peach Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sensation.


If you are following Slimming Worlds Plan then these are free. No Syns. They are so creamy and tasty. I love Greek style yogurts but a lot of them have syns so I tend to avoid them. Now I don’t need to.


So the event was all about wellness. Taking care of you from the inside out.

Alison canavan


First up, I went along to the Wellness talk with Alison Canavan. Every woman in the room was mesmerised by Alison as they nodded along to most of what she said. When Alison talks it’s like she Is telling my story and every mum’s story. Did you see my post, Who Minds You Mam?


They had neck and shoulder massages, foot massages, make up and nail stations.

We all got to try the yogurts; there were fruit kebabs and amazing finger food.


After all this we made our way outside to try Voga. Not Yoga, VOGA. It was so much fun. It is yoga poses moving to mid tempo music. The poses start of slow and speed up. The 30 minutes flew by and I really hope it comes to Ireland soon. I giggled and smiled the whole way through.


Yoga dublin


And remember if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, please don’t say it to yourself.

Have you tried the yogurts yet?



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    There is also a coconut flavor it’s Delicios

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