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Hi all,

I love to actually wash my face. I have tried too many cleansing lotions, really I have but I just love to actually use water to wash away the product from my face.


Yes I have tried the Declare Cleansing Lotion but I always go back to a product that I can actually put water on my face.

Along comes this Declare Cleansing POWDER. I thought the same, what the heck, a powder?
Then I used it and all I can say it is amazing.
You shake a small amount of powder in the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water and mix together with your hands and apply to your face and neck.

Then wash it off. Use your hands to splash water on your face. Use a face cloth. Use cleansing clothes. Use your face brush.
As simple as 30 seconds later, your face is clean.

Oh and as it is a powder you can put it into your case when flying so more room for makeup in your plastic liquid bag.
Let me know have you tried it yet?
It can be purchased online from Meagher Pharmacy for €24.50
Would you like to try it?






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