Dior Ribbon Slingback’s – Treat Your Way

Dior, YSL or Chanel , yes we all lust over designer shoes, clothes or handbags. We would all love to have a wardrobe like one of the Kardashians and when the day comes that I win the lotto I suppose I will be heading to all the designer stores. Until then I am always on the look out for bags that look like Dior or Chanel designs but without the logo and the price tag.



Dior J’adior Slingback Pumps

I spotted these a few months ago on some bloggers I follow. Again not everyone is going to love them but as they are Dior I immediately think of Carrie on Sex and The City, running around Paris. To me Dior screams Paris. It is one of the first designer lipsticks I purchased and it was amazing. Now 20 years later I am lusting once again over Dior and dreaming of wearing more than the lipstick.



Skip forward to today….

As I was browsing through Penneys , Primark for my readers outside Ireland, I spotted a pair of slingback pumps. Immediately I took out my phone as I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing.



€730 vs €14

Ok so Primark can’t make exact copies but with that price difference I won’t mind that the J’adior is not on the ribbon. Saving €716 will certainly make it easier to love my Primark shoes.



Kitten Heel Perfection

Kitten heels are everywhere. A few years ago there were hardly any available now it seems brands are making one designer with multiple heel heights. This is the best concept I have seen in a very long time as anything over 100mm and I cannot stand for more that an hour in them.


Outfit Inspiration

Still not sold on the kitten heel. I took these looks from Pinterest







Where to buy?

Primark shoes were spotted in Liffey Valley Penneys €14 , and it you would like to just browse the Dior site , click here




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