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Hi all,

For the past 2 weeks I have been drinking this Fabuloss Detox Tea Morning Boost every morning, Well on those 2 days I had a hangover that didn’t happen.But for 12 days now I have been drinking it each morning. Each tea bag is individually wrapped so perfect to pop in your handbag.


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Here’s the science bit:
Fabuloss DETOX TEA which is caffeine free and all natural also works by boosting the overall performance of your body’s digestive system. Its detoxifying herbal ingredients including Anise Seed helps boosting digestive system.


Fabuloss Morning Boost and Night Time Cleanse DETOX TEA is made from natural herbs. This two step tea is focused on complete body detoxification and includes digestive aiding lemon balm and peppermint while herbs including nettle, fennel & hawthorn actually boost the body’s circulatory function. By flushing out toxins and excess water, you’ll find that your weight loss goals are easier to reach. And the improved circulatory function has a huge impact on all aspects of your health, including better heart health, more energy, and less fatigue.


Over the past 2 weeks, I have lost 3 inches off my tummy. I am not bloated at all. Even on a warm day my stomach or feet or hands are not swelling. I am also drinking more water throughout the day. Another surprising benefit is that I have more energy. So much so that on Sunday morning (I normally stay in bed until about 11) I woke at 7.30am and I wasn’t tired so I got up and done my blogwork and cleaned until my daughter woke up at 9.30am.

Yes I have lost weight but I am following Slimming World. I have been eating well but with those 2 hangovers I was up weight during the 2 weeks.

So like all things that create a detox there is no point drinking this tea and still eating rubbish.I have noticed that I am not starving during meals and after a piece of fruit and a glass of water I am full. So yes this tea works.



Will I buy it again? YES. I will definitely be doing this again for the 2 weeks before my holidays in October.

Does the Fabuloss Morning Boost tea taste nice? YES. It is like green tea and peppermint but I like herbal tea so that helps. But if you want to use this detox tea and don’t like the taste, just drink it though a straw. I did this a few mornings as I was starving and wanted to eat!


Have you tried this yet?

It is available to buy online at Cloud 10 Beauty for €14.95 and it is available in your local Sam McCauley, AllCare and McCabes Pharmacies.





*I was sent this tea to try but as I loved it I thought I’d share my review with you all*


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