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Multi lift serum, declaré, multiliftserum


Hi all,

In the middle of April I was invited to the launch of Declaré Multi Lift Serum. 

The Multi Lift Serum is best suited to over 35’s but seen as I am nearly 33, I decided to see if it would work on my skin.

So whats different I hear you say, between this Multi Lift Serum and all the other serums on the market. I have a few ‘fine lines’ aka wrinkles and well to be honest I don’t like them. Maybe in another 20 years I will grace them and welcome them but for now, No way. As soon as you apply this to your face you will feel your skin gently tighten. Since using the Declaré Multi Lift Serum I have also noticed the redness on my cheeks and forehead has just about disappeared. 

I always look for before and after pictures and never find them. Here are mine. There are visible differences. As I said I am nearly 33 but I can feel and see the difference.

This picture on the left was taken in March and I was wearing makeup. The picture on the right was taken 31st May and as you can see I am wearing no makeup.

Multi lift serum, declaré, multiliftserum ,declare,multi,lift,serum,wrinkles,fine,lines,serum


Multi lift serum, declaré, multiliftserum

The best way to use this is;

The Multi Lift Serum has a dropper in the lid. Its enough to cover your face, neck and décolleté. Apply from the décolleté upwards to your neck, gently apply upwards to your face as you want to push your skin up.

It dries instantly and is perfect to wear under foundation, no need to apply moisturiser and takes away the need for make up setting spray.


Multi lift serum, declaré, multiliftserum

It is available to buy in Pharmacies nationwide and also at . RRP €59.50 for 50mls.


Have you tried this yet?



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