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Glossy Box – Worth it?

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Hi all,

For years I have admired all the pictures and posts about Glossy Box (sign up here) and always looked at their website and wanted to order but just thought na whats the point. Then 3 months ago I was at home sick and it was pay-day and wanted to treat me. So I logged on, paid with paypal and signed up for the monthly subscription. You can cancel at anytime too so you are not locked in for a year. In total including the post and packing it was €19.21. After a few days this arrived, It was part of the iconic edit. How pretty is this box? With each box you get 5 samples*, 3 or more are full sizes. Also you get a card with all the products information and where to purchase on it.

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Here are my 3 boxes so far. Out of 15 products there was 1 I didn’t like and that was because of the smell. It was in the first box, Nougat London Lip balm.

IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1888

My favourite is the Models & Co ‘Bronze’ Shimmer, its in my bag everyday. Those tattoos are coming on my holidays.

Yes I thought for so long wow that’s a bit expensive but to be honest I would never thing of buying some of the brands and I now have 14 new products, It’s like a little present to myself that is just mine.

Don’t think too much like me. Sign up for a month if you don’t like it, just cancel it for the next month.

Any questions, just ask.

Rita xxx.

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