The Goddess Collection from Cocoa Brown

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Today, 8 November, The Goddess Collection from Cocoa Brown was launched. Part of this collection was the NEW ICE GODDESS OIL. The set, just in time for Christmas, is available from Penneys Stores or for everyone outside Ireland, its Primark.

Goddess Collection, Cocoa Brown


The newest oil in the collection is the new Ice Goddess Oil .This is the third oil from Cocoa Brown. It has an ice shimmer. When I first seen it I thought it might be silver in colour on the skin but it is actually reminds me of a light dusting of frost. It is perfect for this time of year as we all love to sparkle for the Christmas party season ahead.

Ice Goddess Oil Cocoa Brown


In this Collection Set is Cocoa Brown first Goddess Oil, The Golden Goddess Oil. I love this. Marissa Carter made this type of product affordable for everyone. I took the Golden Goddess Oil on my first trip to Paris with my husband. I loved it from the moment it came out and I still use it now.

Golden Goddess Oil Cocoa Brown


The second oil that Cocoa Brown launched was the Rose Gold Goddess Oil. When this was launched it was a limited edition and I was sent on a hunt to get my hands on it and after 5 different shops I secured my bottle. It is beautiful and so perfect when for holidays in the sun.

Rose Gold Goddess Oil Cocoa Brown


The Goddess Collection is available from Penneys for €13. It contains the New Ice Goddess Oil, Rose Gold Goddess Oil and the Golden Goddess Oil in 30ml bottles.


Which is your favourite?




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