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Hi all,

Recently Benefit Cosmetics launched a new brow and I won a competition on Twitter to attend the “Abracada-BROW!” with Benefit Cosmetics.

At this event,I fell in love with ‘KA-BROW!’. Even the name is so catchy and fun.


Ka-Brow is a cream gel brow colour. It comes in a range of 6 colours .Mine is 04 – Medium. It is buildable meaning that you can wear it soft and natural looking for the day to dramatic and full for the night.



As the brush is small you do not need to be a brow artist to achieve the perfect brow to get those ‘Brows on Fleek’ we all love.

A small amount of product really does go a long way. I have been using mine now for about 4 weeks now and as you can see above there is only a small amount of product gone.



And here is the proof of how easy and amazing the product is. Pictures were taken a few minutes apart. 




The Ka-Brow! from Benefit Cosmetics is by far the best eye brow gel I have ever used. It is waterproof and last 24 hours. Only thing you need to know is that you need to work quickly as it drys fast.

*Tip – Use concealer to cover any mistakes* .


Lastly I rinse the brush every second day. I find that a clean brush works much better with the cream gel Ka-Brow!


Have you tried their new range yet?

I purchased my Ka-Brow! at the Benefit Cosmetics event. It can be bought here for €26



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