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My favourite concealer

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Hi everyone,

I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. No matter what I try they just don’t want to go. And here’s where my ‘hate’ of finding a concealer that will cover them, be long lasting and not dry out the delicate area around my eyes. I’ve spent so long trying to find a concealer that has done all 3 and until a few weeks ago I didn’t have any joy.

I was in Boots and saw this little pen of pure luxury – Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch in Nude. It glides on, instantly absorbs into my skin and after 8 hours it is still in place and still working.

The pictures speak for themselves



I bought mine in Boots for €10.49 . I’ve seen it anywhere there is a Maybelline make up counter.

This is my new go to concealer.  It’s amazing.


Rita xxx.


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