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My First EVER Bloggers Conference

So on Saturday, I made the trip to Cork to go to my first EVER bloggers conference, organised by Fiona from Cool Events and Irish Bloggers Association. After finally letting go of ‘My Mammy Guilt’, I was so happy to be off to Cork.

When I arrived everyone was just about seated so the anxiety started to ease and I took a seat in the second row. Jamie Tuohy kicked off the event and he was amazing for the day. As they got things up and running, Jamie started the intro and was like a Pro! He talked to all the brands that were there on the day and give each guest a chance to introduce themselves and talk about their products.

There were so many amazing presentations and speakers on the day, so I will just mention my favourites today.

Edel Cox from The Beauty Dial kicked things off. Edel talked about how she started as just her and now has a team of writers. She gave us tips on getting our blogs out there. Her tip for approaching PR companies was to create a Media Kit. This was mentioned throughout the day and I am currently working on mine.

Next up, was Ali Ryan, CEO of Ali talked about ‘From Blogging – To Business’. Ali took her idea that was her passion and her talent and made it a business. was born. My favourite slide was this, “Be Unique”

As a blogger, this is vital. Yes we may review the same products but my style and thoughts are all mine so I like to be ‘unique’.

At the first break I met Ellen from She was so genuine and just a lovely person to talk to. Her products are amazing. I bought this beautiful bracelet. It has a magnetic clasp on it. Its something I haven’t seen before.

Then we got to hear Ciamh McCrory speak. Her presentation “How to Grow… Your online presence and YOURSELF!” The first thing Ciamh asked us all was, ‘Who had a plan of what they wanted to achieve before starting?’ I had a plan of what I wanted to do, as in my blog and my site but I hadn’t set any objectives per se. Ciamh reminded us that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.’ Also this has stuck with me, Share and Inspire. If you like this post or anyone else’s share them. If a blog post inspires your post, then share your inspiration. As long as I am unique I don’t need to worry about being in ‘competition’ with other bloggers.

Allan Dixon, thought us ‘How to Kick Ass on Instagram’. Allan showed us the importance of a square picture. When your picture is square you will look at the whole picture. There is no need to move your eyes to look around the picture. Allan told is about ‘The Four S’s ’, Shapes, Simplicity, Space, and Subtlety.

And lastly was Darragh Doyle. Darragh was the Key Note Speaker. I will write another post to share all the tips that Darragh talked about but here are my favourites. Before we share on Social Media, THINK, T = is it True, H = is it Helpful, I = is it Inspiring, N = is it Necessary, K = is it Kind. Darragh also talked about the importance of being kind, like saying thank you and being helpful. It may seem like a simple thing that everyone should be or you expect them to be kind but in the past 3 months of my short blogging life, I have been all of these but it saddens me to say that others haven’t been to me.

All of the speakers talked about Being Kind. The importance of it and how you will be remembered for being kind. It seems like a silly thing to be saying but yet some people are just not that way. I always remember being told when I was growing up that ‘Being Kind Costs Nothing’, but yet you always remember the people who were rude. I met so many kind people over the weekend. They are all willing to help me and anyone that asks.

If you are thinking of starting a blog or you are a blogger I hope you get something out of this. I will do a full review of all my notes at the weekend.


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