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My Goals for 2016

Each New Year I make all the usual resolutions.

I will lose 10 stone before summer, I will walk every day, I will run every weekend, I will not sleep in at the weekends or I will not order a take away meal until I lose the 10 stone by the summer. Surprise, Surprise I fail every year. Worse than failing I give myself such a hard time, I eat and get lazy. Being an emotional eater this is not good at all.
I know how to lose weight; I know how to reduce my anxiety and depression. It’s so great that I know this; I just need the motivation to do it. Each year I make unrealistic resolutions and by the 2nd week in January I have failed. Failed at every New Year resolution.


So here comes 2016. I have made a very grown up decision this year. Being that I am 32, it’s about time! I am going to make monthly goals. At the beginning of each month I will make a fresh new set of goals. Just small goals, achievable goals. No more crazy or unrealistic goals that I feel I can achieve.


And not forgetting that this year “My goals” will be more about life changes that hopefully I will bring forward with me.



I have some 2016 goals for my blog but I have decided to review these in June. I feel that I will be putting unnecessary pressure on myself so one week at a time and 1 month at a time with my blog.

Have you any goals resolutions for 2016?



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