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Most of you know by  now that I have a 7 year old daughter. If I could, I would wrap her up in bubble wrap everyday just in case she falls.

The other worry is that if she gets lost, she is only 7. Yes, Isabelle knows my name and where we live and what I look like, all the things she can tell someone if she gets lost. But she doesn’t know my mobile number, 10 digits that I am sure if I said it enough she would remember but how do you try to get a younger child to remember that?

2 weeks ago I was scrolling through my Instagram when I came across ‘Phone My Mum‘. Below is the first picture I seen.


I instantly thought WOW. This is amazing. I looked at their website and I thought this is so unique and  just amazing. To order from Phone My Mum they needed my phone number and the age of my daughter. Isabelle was sent this one but there are so many to choose from.

Isabelle’s Phone My Mum Bracelet with my Mobile Number


We went away last weekend to Cork and the Guinness Jazz Festival was on. Isabelle had her bracelet on the whole weekend and it instantly gave me a huge relief of the what ifs!

Phone My Mum has only launched and they ship worldwide.

Buy them for your children, your nieces and nephews, or your friends’ children. As a mam, it is a relief to know that when we are out and if Isabelle gets lost, my number is on her arm.



Thank you to Phone My Mum for sending this to Isabelle. She loves it so much.


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