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Post Holiday Skin Care

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Hi all,

I can’t believe I am home since Monday. This week is flying by and the good thing is we are heading into a Long Weekend. My Favourite Type.

On Monday night going to bed I applied some after sun to my skin. My skin was tight and it was the best quick fix. 

So on Tuesday I had a shower and used The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub as my skin felt heavy from all the sun creams. Before getting into the shower I applied it all over my body and my neck. It is so effective yet gentle enough on your skin not to leave you red and blotchy. This pot normally lasts me about 2 months using it once a week. 

It is expensive but to be honest once you use these pots you may try others but you will always go back to The Body Shop range.

After my shower I used the Body Lotion and Body butter from the Wild Argan Oil range. 

It is my first time to use the lotion and it is so light on your skin. The lotion is perfect for applying in the morning as it soaks into the skin immediately and dries fast too. It is not heavy which means you can dress straight away. 

I have always bought the body butter and have a few from the different ranges. I used the Wild Argan Oil body butter last night going to bed as I feel the heaviness of the butter doesn’t bother me too much at night.

Hope you all try at least one of these products. The smell of this Wild Argan Oil Range is just heavenly.



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