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The Waverley Academy @ Irish Beauty Show


Irish Beauty Show with The Waverley Academy

The Irish Beauty Show takes place each year at the RDS in Dublin. It is a place for brands, companies and colleges like The Waverley Academy to showcase what they have to offer. It is a trade show for Beauty Professionals.

On Sunday, Derek O’Kelly took to the Demo Stage to deliver his talk on ‘The Art of Teaching’. The Waverley Academy offers an ITEC Teacher Training Certificate Course. Derek is also the Author of Irelands First Teaching Training Book. In case you didn’t know, The Waverley Academy was voted the Number 1 Training Academy at the 2016 Irish Hair & Beauty Awards.

The Art of Teaching

At the age of 30, Derek went back to education after leaving school at 14. Derek soon discovered he enjoyed some of his classes but not all of them. At this point, part of his course was Art Therapy. The teacher suggested to Derek to make a list of what made him happy and unhappy about the classes. Engagement, activities, feedback were his happy classes. Lecture, telling, no questions and answers were his unhappy classes. Derek was attending 2 types of teaching, Creative and Passive. Creative was the style that Derek enjoyed and was able to study with creative ways. He used colours, play doh, elastics to study the Human body through Massage. Derek had found a new obsession with learning. If Derek was learning by being creative then it could be turned into Teaching. Derek has gone from teaching Massage Courses to writing the first Teaching Training Book in Ireland.

Watching Derek speak about ‘The Art of Teaching’ and talking to Derek throughout the day, he is an inspiration to me. He has shown me that you can be anything you are willing to be. The Waverley Academy have created courses for people like me to be able to train to teach, to train to be confident and to train in the widest range of skills I have ever seen from a college.

Derek said to me, ‘Just because you could be an extremely talented Makeup artist it doesn’t make you a makeup trainer’. This has stuck with me for the past few weeks. And it comes to a question that I got asked by a few people when I said I was attending the Irish Beauty Show with The Waverley Academy.



Why Waverley Academy?

Well if you don’t already know I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and as a blogger I feel this gives me a head start when it comes to the beauty side of my blog. It is one thing to give your opinion on a product or the skin care that is unique to your skin but as I have trained and qualified, it is advice that I am able to give on my blog. So with this in mind The Waverley Academy and Style Your Way was always going to be an amazing fit. If you were to become an accountant you’d study and get the relevant qualifications, so to be a makeup artist or personal fitness trainer you need to study and get the relevant qualifications. This leads to my next question.

What do you want to be?

Each morning when you wake up, do you jump out of bed or do you think, here we go again? Do you walk by makeup counters, hairdressers or a gym and think, Yes I want to do that. Well why not? Why can’t you do what you want to do? I tell me daughter everyday that she can be anything she wants to be.



Click on Beauty to take you to all courses

The Waverley Academy currently offer 13 courses in Beauty so if you are only starting out or UpSkilling there is one to suit you.

To become a Beauty Therapist there are 3 courses to choose from;

Full Time Beauty Express Course


Beauty Courses Dublin


Beauty Therapist Express ITEC Course


If you are already qualified and want to UpSkill The Brow Boss Suzanne O’Connor has created a Brow Tailoring Course 


Brow Tailoring Course



Click on Makeup to take you to all courses

If you want to train in Makeup then this is the perfect starting qualification

ITEC Makeup Courses Dublin

Again The Waverley Academy offer UpSkill in Makeup with this Advanced Makeup with Shane Chubb

Advanced Makeup with Shane Chubb


The Confidence Workshop

After all your training, you feel like you could be the number 1 in your profession, Number 1 makeup artist, Number 1 Hairdresser, Number 1 Beauty Therapist but you just don’t have the confidence? If you answered yes then Derek at The Waverley Academy has created the course for you.

The Confidence Workshop


So what do you want to do? Have you seen a course you’d love to do?

Thank you to The Waverley Academy for having me join your amazing team for the day.




*StyleYourWay attended the Irish Beauty Show on Sunday with The Waverley Academy. This post is in collaboration with The Waverley Academy. All words, pictures and courses I picked for this post were my own.

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