Tontouring With Cocoa Brown – Following Marissa Carter Tips

Morning all,

Who is doing their Cocoa Brown Tan this morning for tonight?

Well before you do, take a read of this and you will want to do it. It saves so much time when doing your make up later for going out.

Marissa Carter has given us tips to contour our tan on our face! Genius right.

First of all I used the Cocoa Brown Gradual Tan on my face. Let this set for a while and then continue to Step 2.

Gentle Bronze Contouring

Next I put Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan on my mitt and used a clean make up brush to contour my face as if I was doing my makeup.

Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan Contour

The results can be seen instantly and to be honest I will be doing this from now on. 


So much that today I wore no foundation only tinted moisturiser and my skin looked defined and bronzed.

This was the next day. Didn’t need to contour at all. Makeup done in 5 minutes. 


Thank you again to Cocoa Brown team and the fabulous Marissa Carter.



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