Waverley Academy @ The Irish Beauty Show 2017


Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well. You are probably thinking Waverley Academy, What is this all about?

Irish Beauty Show 2017

Well I am so excited to announce that at the Irish Beauty Show this year I have been invited along by the Waverley Academy.

On the day I will be at the stand looking after all social media and of course I will be informing you of all the amazing courses they have.

waverley academy style your way

Why the Waverley Academy?

Their will be other bloggers at different stands throughout the day and when I was contacted by Waverley Academy, I jumped at the chance. I am a qualified beauty therapist and I feel it gives me more authority when it comes to blogging.

They offer so many courses, see here . To be completely honest I didn’t know they offered all that they do until I looked at there website.

The number one thing that made it so easy to be heading along with Waverley Academy is that they have an award winning training academy. Derek from Waverley said, ‘Just because you are good at applying makeup, doesn’t mean that you can teach someone to apply makeup like you do’. This jumped out at me. To me, to be the best you need to train with the best. They won ‘The Irish Hair & Beauty Awards 2016’ for “Training Academy of the Year” .

Teacher training


Up Skilling

Over the next few months I am really looking forward to taking some classes. This is the one I am definitely going to be at. It will take my makeup skills to a level I never thought possible. 


Are you going to the Irish Beauty Show this year? If so please come over and say hi to myself and the amazing team at the Waverley Academy Stand @ L40.

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