Weak short nails? Problem solved



Hi all,

Back in March this year I decided to get gel nails for the first time ever. After 6 weeks, I tried Acrylics. It wasn’t until one of my nails broke that I noticed how weak and short my natural nail had become. The next time I was due to get them refilled I decided to get them removed.

For about 3 weeks I tried loads of remedies and different nail varnishes to strengthen them and then I spotted the Sally Hansen range in a chemist one day and decided to invest €10.99 on my nails. I picked the ‘Nailgrowth Miracle’ a salon strength treatment.

The instructions are quite simple, apply to bare natural nails every second day. After about a week I had to cut my nails as the damage from the nail extentions had started to grow out.



These pictures were taken 25 days apart. The only other nail product i have used is a nail clippers.




What you think?

Do you nails need some TLC?









I am so happy with this treatment I am going to buy the nail harderner














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